Pars Regulator Corp. 2 Piece Ball Valves

2 Piece Ball Valves


  • Pressure Rating: 1000 PSI 
  • Suitable Mediums: WOG (Water, Oil and Gas products etc.)
  • Temperature Rating: -25 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Port Size: Full Port Ball Valve (Full Bore, ID the same as the pipe)
  • Handle Style: The handle stem is blow-out proof
  • Locking Device: Handle has a device to lock in the open or closed position (It can be easily removed)
  • Threads: Female Thread NPT (National Pipe Thread) 
  • Dimension Standards: According to ASME B1.20.1 BS21 DIN 299/259, ISO228-1, JIS B 0203, ISO7/1
  • Casting Type: Investment Casting
  • Casting: Approved AD2000-WO
  • Inspection Testing: According to API598, EN12266
  • Design and Manufacture: According to PED97/23/EC (CE0035) Approved

The two-piece ball valve has one body joint which means the body is composed of two pieces, hence the name “two pieces”. This 2-piece body allows a larger ball to be installed at the time of manufacture, which makes this a full bore or full port ball valve. Full bore means that the bore hole in the ball has the same inside diameter as that of the piping it is connected to. The advantage is that there is no pressure drop and flow rate is unaffected. They provide a simple on/off flow, as well as the ability to control flow rate by opening and closing to different degrees, this process is called throttling. Quick and easy to install, threaded valves are easy to use and require no tools for installation. 

The Different Types of 2 Piece Ball Valves we offer: 

Besides offering valves in both 304 and 316, we also carry a compact version to go alongside our standard version. 

The Compact SS Valve:

  • Has the same specs as the standard version 1000 PSI WOG.
  • The valve body is slightly smaller (less weight) and the handle is slightly shorter than the standard version.
  • Lower cost
  • Being more compact, it takes up less space and is ideal in application where space is limited

The Standard SS Valve:

  • These are the premium 2-piece valves, more like Nibco valves, Appolo valves, Watts ball valves and Keckley valves.
  • Longer Handles
  • Heavier larger body

The most popular Ball Valve

Why are 2-piece ball valves the most popular valves? 

  • The short answer is price. They are the best price ball valves with a full port or full bore. (This means the size of the pipe remains constant, it is not reduced)
  • The 1 Piece Ball Valve is better priced; however, it is a reduced port (Also called a standard Port).
  • The 3 Piece is also a full port; however, the price is higher.

Stainless Steel 2 Piece Ball Valve – Material List 


  • All wet parts that meet the liquid are SS316. 
  • Seats and Seals are Teflon (PTFE), making this 2-piece valve suitable for any substance that is compatible with Stainless Steel and Teflon (PTFE).
  • The valve body is designed to be durable, and the handle has built in provisions to prevent it from the adverse effect of high pressure.
  • CF8/CF8M refers to SS316. (CF8 is an alloy and CF8M is the modification made to that Alloy that is equivalent to AISI stainless steel 316.)

2 Piece Ball Valve – Dimensions 

  • Typically, the size of the Pipe determines the size of the valve, so a 1″ Pipe will require a 1″ valve and so forth. 
  • Being a threaded ball valve no tooling is required for installation and it can easily be fitted onto a pipe with Male NPT Threads (National Pipe Threads).
  • We stock two types of 2-piece ball valves, a standard version, and a compact version. (Both have the same specs 1000 psi WOG)
  • The Standard Ball Valve: is heavier and has a longer valve handle. (More like a Appolo Valve or a Nibco Valve)
  • The Compact Ball Valve: it is lighter in weight and has a more compact body making it perfect for applications where space is a concern. 

The Compact Ball Valve:

The ultimate space saving ball valve with all the same working pressures as the standard type.