Pars Regulator Corp. 3-Way Manifold Valves

3-Way Manifold Valves

3-Way valve manifold is a device that is used to ensure that the capsule will not be over-ranged. It also allows isolation of the transmitter from the process loop. It consists of two block valves – high pressure and low-pressure block valve – and an equalizing valve. Two block valves provide instrument isolation, and one equalize valve is positioned between the high and low transmitter process connections to provide equal pressures on both sides.


  • One Piece Bar Stock Forged Body for high strength and fully safety.
  • Bonnet lock prevents accidents disassembly.
  • Stem threads rolled and hard plated provides maximum service life.
  • Two Part Stem tip stellated and hardened provides excellent flow control and ensures bubble-tight shut off.
  • Ball Tip design: Which forms a bearing joint with the stem eliminates rotation between plug & seat at closure. This prevents scoring and galling up the valve seat and ensures long life in repetitive shut off service.
  • Packing below stem threads prevents stem lubrication washout and isolates threads from system fluids.
  • Hard seats are designed to reduce packing friction giving very low torque operation.