Pars Regulator Corp.

تسلیت اربعین حسینی

Pars Regulator Corp. is a PJS leading manufacturing and trading company since 1988 in Iran. Iran has the 2nd largest reserves of Natural Gas after Russia and the 4th largest Oil reserves in the world. Totally first in fossil energies. As you are aware the sanctions on Iran have been lifted recently and as a result there is a tremendous opportunity for U.S. and EU manufacturers to find a share in this new trillion dollar market.

Pars Regulator has been serving customers in local markets, European Countries (indirectly through Turkey), Iraq, Oman, Sudan and others around the world. We manufacture and provide a wide range of high pressure instrument valves[1], steam traps, industrial filters, low pressure gas and air regulators, high pressure instrument tube & pipe fittings, flanges, instrumentation needle valves, manifolds, ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, block & bleed valves, steam trap, condensate pot and similar industrial products. Our commercial division is active in import and export of many kinds of regulators, filters, tubes, pipes, industrial equipment and machines, and various other products.